Sparrow & Lilly

Sparrow & Lilly Butterfly Stone Necklace πŸ¦‹ petite - Bronze

Sparrow & Lilly Butterfly Stone Necklace πŸ¦‹ petite - Bronze

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Necklace Details:

Material - Bronze pendant, gold plated brass chain and clasp

Length - 16”

Pendant size - 0.5”

*Please note that there are 2 styles of this necklace, a left facing pendant and a right facing pendant. If you have a preference please note it at check out.

The Butterfly Stone Collection pays homage to the sandy shores of Lake Huron, part of Ontario’s Blue Water Coast. Many a glorious summer day was spent beach combing for these little treasures. Fossilized Brachiopod shells aka Butterfly Stones were nicknamed for their resemblance to the shape of butterflies and are said to be from the Paleozoic Era about 360 Million years old.

This necklace collection comprises of 3 different Butterfly Stones that I found over the years at Port Franks Beach. Each one is uniquely different in size and detail. Using the fossils to make moulds I cast them in sterling silver and bronze to create the pendants.

The Butterfly Stone necklace is limited edition.Β 

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